Brand Spot Light on Maison Berger

Brand Spot Light on Maison Berger

Be gone unpleasant smells around your home!

Unpleasant household odours can be embarrassing. Garbage disposal odour, pet smells, dirty carpets, kids sports kits and even heavy-scented cooking spices are all culprits.

Lamp Berger is the perfect easy-to-use item to help eliminate these unwanted smells. 

Since the 1900s, Maison Berger has been a household name in France.

Initially, the Berger lamp was created to clean hospital air and eliminate germs through the catalytic process. Over the years, the option to diffuse perfume was added. The availability of scent made the catalytic lamp even more popular for household use. 

In the past century, the lamp’s look has evolved, reflecting changing fashions and collaborations with prominent designers of the time. Design is still a core feature of our brand; contemporary designers are continuously sought out for new collections. 

Nevertheless, the goals of the Lamp Berger remain the same – to remove bad odours in your space, spread joy through the power of perfumery, and embellish your interior.


1) When our alcohol-based fragrance is poured into the Lampe Berger, the solution is absorbed by the wick into the catalytic stone. 

2) After the initial lighting, the heat of the stone breaks down malodorous molecules, neutralising them.

3) As the stone continues to burn the solution, fuelling the catalytic process, Maison Berger is diffused. *

If you prefer no scent, you can always use the Air Pur So Neautral solution to eliminate odors without diffusing fragrance.