Fashion Stylist Lindsay Wilkins | Talking Spring

Fashion Stylist Lindsay Wilkins | Talking Spring

Today I am turning to one of my favourite local fashion stylist, Lindsay Wilkins, to shed light on spring trends and looks we love to wear!

Whether you’re looking for a classic and updated professional look, everyday casual wear or current runway fashions, Lindsay will help elevate your overall style, confidence, and leave you feeling fabulous.

I highly recommend contacting her if you are looking for help with renewing or updating your wardrobe. At the very least do yourself a favour and follow her on Instagram!! She is FAN TASTIC!

I invite you to read her full blog on her website But for starters here is a little excerpt from her blog:

As you dive into this blog and see what the latest trends are for this upcoming Spring/Summer season please remember, don’t go overboard with seasonal trends. Always build your wardrobe off foundation pieces (think capsule style wardrobe) then each season sprinkle in a trend or two that compliments your personal style and current wardrobe, making it easy to create interchangeable outfits. Also, make note that not every trend is for everyone! Adding seasonal trends can freshen up  your wardrobe and keep your personal style looking current. If you’re someone who isn’t interested in trends and enjoys adding classic pieces each season take note, loafers, cool sneakers, vegan leather and oversize looks are still on point and will easily keep your wardrobe feeling fresh & up to date.

Check out some of my favorite trends to add into your wardrobe this Spring/Summer!